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Judul cerita pendek yang paling cocok untuk cover KKPK LUX adalah:

     Diet Felly
     Ice Cream Eggs
     Hacker Cilik
     Nauhgty Adelia
     Resep Baru
     Musang Belang
      A Magic Music Bottle
     Kamus Besar Bu Rulina
     Magic Cookies
     Hadiah yang Hilang
     Raja Kimmo Mencari Anak
     Lorong di Hutan Laboron
     Alergi Berdandan
     Happy Rainbow
     Doa Yang Buruk
     Rahasia Sepatu Kaca
     Ssssst ... It's a Secret
     Indahnya Persahabatan
     Kencringan Ekor Ular Derk
Random 20 polls at Literature
  • 2009-11-01  Which book should I read next?
  • 2010-09-26  1:ممتاز 2:جيد جدا 3:جيد 4:غير جيد 5:غير جيد على الاطلاق
  • 2010-08-29  Project mana yang harus saya selesaikan SEKARANG?
  • 2011-06-17  En Güzeli Sizce Hangisi ? yada önerisi olan yazsın :)
  • 2010-04-22  Read the raw, unedited and potentially version of my novels on facebook or somewhere like a blog
  • 2010-09-26  *تقييم ما يكتبه قلم مراد علم دار*
  • 2010-05-24  What poem would you like to see next?
  • 2009-12-12  Which Title in the Twilight Saga do you like best?
  • 2010-10-22  Readers: If a new novel of mine was released in digital (Kindle, e-Reader, etc) before print, how likely would you be to purchase the digital edition?
  • 2009-11-24  Are you a Twilight fan ?
  • 2010-02-22  ما النوعية المفضلة لديك عند القراءة
  • 2010-01-18  Which book?
  • 2010-04-25  How much would you pay for a literary magazine?
  • 2010-10-02  Which Manga should I do first? Which do you wanna see first?
  • 2010-05-22  Do dreams really come true??
  • 2010-03-31  do u think i m good at writing thoughts?
  • 2010-07-08  Com℮ trovi qu℮sta pagina.<3?
  • 2010-08-02  do you think im awsome???
  • 2010-06-14  I Love JESUS!!
  • 2010-12-15  Who wrote the book -The story of the integration of the Indian states

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