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Glori and I are having??

Random 20 polls at Current Events
  • 2010-10-20  Which date should the Snow Ball take place this year? (Which date works best for you?)
  • 2010-01-19  should bangladesh allow India to use its ports?
  • 2010-02-25  indie show
  • 2010-05-24   ধূমপান,বাংলাদেশ ইসলামী ছাত্রশিবির - ধূমপান, মাদক, ইভটিজিং ও অশ্লীলতা বিরোধী জাতীয় কর্মসূচী ঘো
  • 2010-05-18  Cka doni si muzik per semimatur ?
  • 2010-05-25  My Wedding
  • 2010-05-23  dateng ke JFEST UHAMKA ga???
  • 2010-03-16  nick yang bagus bwat nick PB w apa sih..??
  • 2009-10-21  How much extra would you be willing to pay per gallon for gasoline whose carbon emissions were compeltely offset? (In other words, did not contribute to global climate change.)
  • 2010-08-12  Please click on the thumbnail to vote!!
  • 2010-05-31  Do you approve of the way the Obama administration is handlking the BP Oil Disaster???
  • 2009-12-07  Do you agree with the US climate agency declaring that CO2 is a public danger, which now allows the EPA to impose emissions cuts without agreement of the reluctant Senate?
  • 2010-02-15  Shouls India Go on War with Neighbour countries and finish it once and for all?
  • 2010-08-06  ياترى انتا بتأيد مين فى انتخابات مجلس الشعب (عمال وفلاحين)دائرة قويسنا ؟
  • 2010-02-06  Ten Americans were arrested for abduction in Haiti last week, should they punished to the full extent of law?
  • 2010-01-01  Ke beshi bad???
  • 2010-05-26  Who do you want to win in American Idol Season 9?????
  • 2010-05-27  Da li zelite 4.ctc party i da li bi se odazvali?
  • 2010-03-04  Choose a date for our get together
  • 2010-06-10  Best mustache in Hollywood

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