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Daily Life

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Random 20 polls at Daily Life
  • 2010-05-02  do you believe if you put your mind to somthing you can acomplish it
  • 2010-07-12  Procured chickens. What are their names?
  • 2010-12-11  Agr ap k best friend sy anjany ma galti ho jay or wo sharminda bhi ho to ap kia karan gay???
  • 2010-08-03  Dear Residents and Friends of Queenstown, Do You Feel Proud to be a Singaporean and live in Queenstown?
  • 2009-11-12  How Much Do You Spend Christmas Presents For Your Littles Ones?
  • 2010-07-19  Its time to decide..... Whose Team?
  • 2010-07-10  do you think markwell is a good friend??
  • 2010-06-06  Do u like my attitude?
  • 2009-11-10  edward elric tu orangnya gimana ? [kalo ga tau , liat dulu di google atao yahoo]
  • 2010-06-09  CUTE ba ako ?
  • 2009-12-21  who is more awesum?
  • 2009-10-26  Will Kevin Tang be missed from overnewton
  • 2010-06-20  Words that can expressed your love to your father?
  • 2010-06-15  do you have a crush on me?
  • 2010-04-22  kinsai mas gwapo mga tollszz...?
  • 2010-06-16  Would you attend a Free group in your area with the topic Awakening To Who You Are? It would be a teaching group where you would learn how to awaken to reality and find your true self. It would also teach mindfulness and meditation.
  • 2010-01-06  Should i shave all my hair off?
  • 2010-06-06  Am I a good Friend?
  • 2009-10-29  Should Brice Volker man-scape a John Deere logo in man land??
  • 2010-01-01  How will you say 2010?

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