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1)When it comes to reading a map or street directory you :

     a) have difficulty and often ask for help
     b) turn it around to face the direction you're going
     c) have no difficulty reading maps or street directions
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  • 2009-12-04  Do you believe 'Proverbs 4:20-22' contain God's recipes for Health?
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  • 2009-11-20  Which of the following is most important to you (assuming you get the best clinical treatment) when being treated in the NHS?
  • 2010-01-21  For parents whose children attend Greenback School, which of the following best describes your child's/ children's health condition in light of recent safety concerns (2009/10 school year)?
  • 2010-01-19  Life begins....
  • 2009-11-05  The Greatest Power is the ability to grow a?
  • 2010-04-17  Are you interested on Nu Skin Anti-Aging Spa Products?
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  • 2010-06-30  fg
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  • 2010-07-15  do you stay out side for more than a hour
  • 2010-09-20  Should I stop drinking coke?

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