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Did David Hasselhoff really help end the Cold War? ref:

     Yes. He was the greatest "Great Communicator." Listen to the songs!
     No. In fact, he delayed events. Listen to the songs!
     I don't know and I don't care. I'm listening to the songs!
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  • 2010-01-06  Atatürkü sevmeyen bir Türk ülkücü olabilirmi ?
  • 2010-05-17  do u like musharaf to come back and participate in politics
  • 2010-04-08  Should Julius Malema be Prosecuted for all his wrong actions?
  • 2010-02-18  Who is the bigger imbecile?
  • 2010-05-01  With regards to people to be on Disability Support Pension and use street drugs. Do you think the government need to do random drug testing on the people who get these benefits?
  • 2010-04-19  vm talisay
  • 2010-11-11  Bayelsa's Next Governor; Vote Your Choice, 2011
  • 2010-10-08  Was Mahatma Gandhi a racist ?
  • 2009-12-17  How much will it cost to get your Senator to vote for the Health Care bill?
  • 2010-04-22  who deserves to be the president?
  • 2010-06-30  who will nex (govt) of Pakistan
  • 2009-11-10  On average, how many hours of sleep do you get per night?
  • 2011-02-04  رشح رئيس الجمهورية القادم :D:D:D
  • 2009-10-28  Would you vote for Marv Bostock if he ran for Political Office
  • 2010-04-07  REPUBLICA ou MONARQUIA?
  • 2011-03-05  هل تجرى الانتخابات الرئاسية اولا ام الانتخابات البرلمانية؟؟
  • 2010-05-16  Who is the best Host for Current Affair Programs..

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