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Which of these Causes I have though of for years would you most likely donate at least $1 to?

      Goal to earn $500,000 by getting 500,000 people to donate $1. (reason being to see how quickly someone can get a high amount by the masses donating very little, would also donate $250,000 to an HIV/AIDS Group and the rest for Me/ALex to start our l
     Goal to open a Group Home for gay teenagers to finish school and get a head start on life as adults (would need funds to attain a large house and to open a small buisness to help be ran by the youths to attain work related skills)
     Goal to open a Mall Store Kiosk at the Mall of America to sell independent artists Art Works on T-Shirts, Posters, Etc. along with anime & fantasy products. (This is the idea for a store I have wanted to open for a long time called Azure Eternity)
     None of the above
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